Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day #6

January 6, 2014

Another thing goes on the list. Yes, I am a list maker. I make lists for the grocery store; lists for the council meeting; lists of things that need to get accomplished; lists of things for the end of the year and the beginning. You name it, I make a list for it.

As I found myself looking at the list that dictates my schedule this week, I realized there are more things that need to be accomplished than seem humanly possible. Wondering how there will be enough time, I resorted to my standby - write it down on the list. With that done, I can put the worry out of my mind, because I know, that for the most part, if something is on a list, it somehow gets done. At least, it works most of the time.

Except when I keep moving something from the top of the list back down to the bottom because I would rather do one thing than another. For example, writing thank you notes often gets put to the bottom. That is not because I am ungrateful, I just don’t like handwriting those notes (and there is much kindness we are thankful for, so many notes need to be written). Other things like annual report writing, year-end information gathering, and tax preparation often are relegated to the bottom. It is a good thing there are deadlines for them all to make sure they eventually get done.

Reflecting further on the art of making lists, I wonder how the idea began. Who was the first to think - I need to write all this down so I don’t forget? The idea reminds me of holy scripture. As the spoken tradition began to be lost because those with first-person accounts were dying, someone decided to begin writing things down so the stories would not be lost. I suppose it is like the idea of blogging. Wanting to get important (to someone) things in print so they are not forgotten. How thankful I am that someone wrote down the stories and teachings and miracles of Jesus! What a gift that the Word not only came and lived among us, but was written down for us to study, read, ponder, rely on, and share.

It begs the question, what story do you need to “get on paper” so that it isn’t lost?

Blessings. And Happy Epiphany - let Christ's light shine through you,
Child of God.

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