Monday, January 13, 2014

Day #13

January 13, 2014

Why do my feelings still get hurt? Why am I sometimes so sensitive because someone mentions missing a person from their past? Does it automatically mean I am appreciated less or regarded less simply because someone else is, or was, regarded highly? Why can I be so secure at one moment and so insecure at another?

It seems at the bottom of it all is the little nagging voice at the back of my mind that says, you are not worthy. Thankfully, God speaks to us in a voice much louder, if we will simply listen. The gospel reading yesterday from Matthew is God speaking, literally, in that louder voice, saying: “This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.”

Now, I do not mean any inference at all that I am Jesus and God must, or will, boom out in a loud voice that I am one with whom God is well pleased. On the other hand, isn’t God always pleased when a Child of God steps out of the way to allow God to work through them? So, God would not so much be pleased with me, as with God’s light shining through me.

Perhaps I am finding the crux of the problem to being sensitive. Could it be because I wonder if I’m sufficiently reflecting? Something to ponder and pray about!


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