Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day #2

January 2, 2014 - The Daily Intersection

It did not take very long to realize that The ‘DAILY’ Intersection probably won’t happen everyday. But...I can certainly reflect on something everyday (even if I end up doing more than one a day to catch up). After all, being flexible is important, right?

So here is #2. Watching the 6:00 pm news a couple of days ago (a rare occasion for me), I saw a story that might change my mind and encourage me to watch more regularly. Seems the University of Alabama has quite the Quarterback. AJ McCarron was featured in this particular news segment. He was telling the story of another young man, another AJ, who was mesmerized by the sport and the Roll Tide Team. This AJ had a regular habit - he could be seen, rain or shine, peeking through the fence to watch practice. Yet watch was all he could do. Because AJ has a physical challenge, Cerebral Palsy, that has affected his speech and mobility, but not his spirit. His love of the sport inspired him to be close.

One day the QB AJ watched the buses pull off as AJ just stood in the parking lot. QB AJ could not let that happen and ended up offering AJ a ride. That ride, that gesture, ended up opening opportunities for AJ that he may never have dreamed of having. He now ‘works’ for the team by helping out in the locker room and being on the field, cheering. QB AJ commended AJ’s attitude - always upbeat - and how he felt it was a sign from above for him to take notice and invite AJ to be included in the team.

It made me reflect on a recent sermon on the gospel reading from Matthew where the angel comes to Joseph in dreams to direct him and his family in how to care for Jesus. might God be talking to us? Are we tuned in and listening? How might that change our life? However, something was missing from the sermon - how might God be talking to ME, coming to ME, to bring change to someone else’s life and not just my own? It sure changed AJ’s - from spectator without hope to participant without restraint of joy.

How is God speaking to me today? Through a story about a football team’s QB shown in a random news clipping I happened to be watching. Coincidence? Surely not. Which begs the question: now what?


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