Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day #7

January 7, 2014

It’s cold where I live right now. Not as cold as some places, obviously, but for us here in the south a low of a single digit is COLD! Being cold breeds challenges - frozen pipes, cars that won’t start, power outages. It’s dangerous. It’s news-worthy.

So when I made a visit yesterday and asked if there was anything on the homebound person’s mind they would like to include in prayer, the response made me smile. “All that is on anyone’s mind is the weather” was what I heard. Now, tell me, how do I pray about the weather?

It is not uncommon to include weather in prayer. We do so often. Oh God, send favorable weather for crops and harvests. Oh God, please let my wedding (soccer game, golf tournament, birthday or graduation party - you insert event) have good weather (never mind it is scheduled for outdoors in March - an iffy proposition at best). Oh God, protect us and calm the hurricane winds or tornados.

Now, these are all legitimate prayers, all legitimate concerns, and I do not mean to minimize them, especially of those in the path of impending storms. The truth, though, is the weather will do what it will do. My husband often comments he loves “weather” because it is the one thing humans really cannot control - or have the audacity to think they can. It will be what it will be.

So why do we fret over it so much? Perhaps it’s because we can’t control it. We can only respond to it, and talk about it, and complain about it. Oh, and pray about it. After all, it’s on our mind, so we might as well talk to God about it.


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