Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day #28

January 28, 2014

Snow is a fairly rare occurrence where we live. Actually, we just had the first snow to amount to anything since I bought an all-wheel drive vehicle in the summer of 2012.

It snowed Tuesday night. About two inches. And the world slowed down. Events were cancelled. The air became still. All was covered with a white blanket of purity and cleanness.

Snow tends to give us permission. To do things we’ve been putting off or never think we have the time to do; like read a book, clean out a drawer, or put a puzzle together. No wonder folks LOVE snow days.

Hubby and I had a preview on Saturday. We took a day trip to a nearby mountain town to eat at a particular restaurant we enjoy (is there a better reason for a day trip?!) It snowed on us as we went up the mountain. Lots of snow.

Hubby had to get a picture. And I had to get in it; with a huge smile on my face and my hands lifted up to the sky.

So I posted it on FaceBook. Within what seemed like minutes, it had dozens of likes. Maybe it was the joy on my face. Maybe it was just the snow itself. Maybe folks were just stunned to see me post something. But it’s a phenomenon that will never cease to amaze me - just how many folks my FaceBook ‘life’ touches.

We are community people. God made us that way. So what fun it is that the computer can help feed our need for friendship and closeness!?


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