Monday, January 13, 2014

Day #10

January 10, 2014

Sometimes just a couple lines in an article (book, newspaper, blog) can be the very thing we have been waiting to be told for a long time, even if we did not know we needed to know. As the January monthly magazine for the denomination was in the process of my finishing it, I turned ahead to the article by Bishop Eaton. There it was, just three sentences: “But as church it is important that we understand the difference between decision-making and discernment. Decision-making is something we do. Discernment is something we receive from the Spirit.”

Not that I did not think I understood discernment, but in black and white it made much more sense. Decision-making is up to me; discernment comes from listening, being open to, being quiet and reflective of, the Holy Spirit. God will speak. God will direct. God will bring clarity and answers and God’s plan will be carried out. In, around, and sometimes through me.

So how hard is it to make a decision? Weigh the consequences, put down on paper all the options, come to a consensus or agreement - that sounds simple. We know it is not always. But to be quiet, really listen, and wait for the Spirit? Well, that can seem impossible. Yet, it is well worth it. Always!


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