Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day #23

January 23, 2014

Sometimes the most unexpected conversations carry the weight of Christ. I mean in a good, positive, faith-growth way. He is just at the church to do some work, some upkeep of the physical property. What a sense of the purpose of the church he has, however. It’s important for things to look neat, be taken care of, and appear as though someone cares, he said today (not in these exact words, but it’s what he was getting at).

What a gift, for someone to realize what we look like says as much as what we say. Now I’m not talking about the physical church property, but our own bodies. Do we have any enthusiasm on our face when we talk about faith, God, church, or anything spiritual? Do we smile or have a look of caring when we tell someone we are praying for them? Does what I say and what I look like (so to speak) match?

It’s part of what I said in training a call committee recently. You can tell a lot about what a person doesn’t say, but how they look.

Oh, and they sent a monetary gift to me for my time with them. What a thoughtful, caring gesture. Impressive. Very impressive!


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