Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day #1275

June 28, 2017 

One never knows when the phone rings who might be on the other line and what their request might be. Sometimes the request is beyond the imagination of possibility. Yet, the faith in asking, along with the words, “I would rather try than not” is heartwarming. Who knows how the “church” might respond, they said. Well, true, but don’t get your hopes up, I tried to say. I won’t, but I’ll pray, they replied. With that degree of trust, it will be interesting to witness how this turns out!


Day #1274

June 27, 2017 

Today I’m thankful for colleagues who gather weekly to study, challenge each other, listen to each other and encourage each other. It isn’t the first time, I don’t think, that I have said how much colleagues can be life-savers, and probably not the last, because I’m grateful for all those who share this calling. It’s good to have others who understand!!!


Day #1273

June 26, 2017 

The descriptor for Jesus today - challenger. He challenges us in our comfort zones. He challenges us in our thoughts of what we think we need to be happy or content or joy-filled. He challenges us to think of others rather than just ourselves. He challenges us to love and serve our neighbor. He challenges us to think out of the box. He challenges us to trust, even when things are difficult and don’t go how we hope. 

Yes, in the midst of loving us, he also challenges us, giving deeper understanding to the old saying that, “Sometimes with God we are comforted in our affliction and sometimes afflicted in our comfort.” 


Day #1272

June 25, 2017 

What a great day!!! A worship service with a baptism, another worship service, lunch with several youth, and another worship service. What else could one ask for? Thanks be to God!!!


Day #1271

June 24, 2017

Oh my, we’re looking at puppies again. Are we really doing this? Which one should we pick? But, are we really certain we want to be “parents” again? 

Stay tuned. I’m sure there will be more to this story! 


Day #1270

June 23, 2017

We witnessed the kindest action today - one that warmed my heart, but I have to admit, surprised me. 

We were in a place eating a quick lunch when at one of the nearby tables, an older gentleman spilled his drink. As he got up to get a couple of papertowels, a young gentleman at another table also got up. I watched, surprised, as he grabbed a handful of towels, got down on his knees, and mopped up the spill. He was not an employee. He was not with the couple where the spill occurred, nor did he know them. He asked no questions and made no comments, just pitched in and helped.

As the older couple thanked him profusely, I wanted to tell him how he had affected my day for the better, and made a lasting impression on me, but thinking I might embarrass him, I sadly let the moment pass. But I thank this young man (probably late teens) for being kind, I thank him for being a servant, and I thank him that I witnessed his action. Well done!!!


Day #1269

June 22, 2017 

Here we are, Great Aunt and Great Uncle again. Welcome to the world, precious baby girl!!! 

Can’t wait to meet you in person!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day #1268

June 21, 2017 

Welcome Summer! It’s your first full day for the year and you are outdoing yourself – sunny, not too hot, slight breeze…gorgeous. 

So what does this summer hold? Vacation? Relaxation? Visitors? Cookouts, campfires, s’mores? Whatever is planned, whatever spontaneous gatherings summer sends our way, I am thankful it is here! But then, there are reasons to be thankful for all the seasons God provides!


Day #1267

June 20, 2017 

On what would have been my Mother’s 88th birthday, and two days before the 10th anniversary of her death-day, I couldn’t help but think of her as I took “store bought” snacks to a working group. It was something my mother would have never settled for and I can imagine her shaking her finger at me for doing so! 

Mom had a gift for hospitality when it came to feeding others, especially those working. One of my favorite remembrances of such was a time workers from the city were replacing some water pipes on her street. When she realized they were in front of her house, she quickly baked biscuits, put some ham in them, and took them out for their “break.” Let me tell you, after that, city workers loved working on mom's street and there seemed to be more accomplished near her house than any other in the neighborhood. 

Well, I’m sorry, mom, but that kind of hospitality just doesn’t seem to be one of the genes I inherited from you. Oh, mom, I sure do love and miss you!


Day #1266

June 19, 2017 

The descriptive word today for Jesus’ mysteriousness is Teacher. Jesus gathered his disciples, taught them, and then sent them out. It’s a good model for all who teach – explain, model, watch and send. 

It isn’t always easy to teach. Being creative in that process is something I admire in others. And Jesus was certainly creative – using parables, miracles, prayer, etc. And he was patient. Thankfully. Because sometimes it takes us students a long time to “get it.” :-)


Day #1265

June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day!

As I read over and over about someone celebrating that they have the “best” father, I couldn’t help but have empathy for those who had a somewhat less than stellar, shall we say, experience with their father. It’s something I understand. I also empathize for those who mourn their father’s presence, whether due to death or some other reason. Therefore, I give thanks for the men in my life who have been like fathers. Thank you for showing me there is a loving way!


Day #1264

June 17, 2017 

A beautiful spring day, a community celebration that included more teaching about Native American traditions, and a walk along the river. 



Day #1263

June 16, 2017

Some days are just amazing – joy-filled, celebratory, and welcoming! A wonderful day for a wedding. Congratulations to the “new” family: 

Also, a wonderful day to welcome the “new” family into God’s family through baptism. This picture I will always cherish as I make the sign of the cross and one of the newly baptized hears “Child of God, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever.” 

Thanks be to God for a fantastic day!!


Day #1262

June 15, 2017

Scrubbies are coming! Scrubbies are coming! 

Whatever can that be?! Something you will want and something you need, I am told. Watch for more.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day #1261

June 14, 2017 

One word for the day – glorious. Wonderful weather, wonderful discussion, wonderful fellowship, wonderful planning and wonderful laughter all make for a glorious day. 

I just have to say thank you every once in a while for life being good! And that in the midst of events that rise from fear and hatred, it’s glorious to know God is with us always. 

Thanks be to God, and peace to God’s people.