Monday, January 20, 2014

Day #14

January 14, 2014

It’s that time of year again. Annual reports. The time to put on paper what happened in the past year and what is anticipated or planned for the coming one. Would it help if I thought of them as a time capsule of experiences and events that come to mind when trying to reflect on the previous twelve months? Maybe, but not likely.

One unfortunate thing about annual reports is that something or someone always gets overlooked. A thank you is not mentioned. An event is not highlighted that really was a highlight. Another is that  thinking back over the year itself can be painful. What should have happened that did not? What did happen that should not have? How much more could have been accomplished? And, never mind just the actual passing of time. Really? Another year has gone by? So soon?

Is there an upside to annual reports? Is it worth all the trouble? I like to think that someone may read something and be inspired to join a ministry. Or reads something and thinks, wow, this place does do some amazing things. Or reads something and thinks, that should change before the next year is done. We can fix it and I know how to make that happen.

Whatever the purpose of annual reports - or not - it’s that time of year. They are due. Someone is waiting on them. I’ll get them done….soon….promise!


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