Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day #3

January 3, 2014 - The Daily Intersection
This is post number two for the same day, trying to “catch up.” This comes from a continuing education class called Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Yes, it was a heavy topic for the first couple of days of a new year, but one that is close to my heart. It is well worth learning everything we can about suicide, difficult as the topic may be, so that we might be prepared to help prevent someone from resorting to this drastic measure. Anyone who has ever been affected by someone’s suicide completion, or attempt, knows that what we don’t know can be harmful.

The bottom line, according to our instructor, seems to be a person’s lack of hope. That many see this as a permanent solution to what may be a temporary problem. That things can change, that tomorrow (a new day) can truly be a new beginning, and that whatever seems so insurmountable right now could, in time, be overcome. However, the person cannot see any hope, has none, and can only see one way out. There seems to be only one way to make the pain stop.

The bottom line, according to our instructor on how to help? Pay attention to those around us. Notice even subtle changes in behavior (sleeping more, eating less, talking more - or less - than normal) and confront/question/be available to them. Sounds simple, but it can be VERY difficult. Folks are good at hiding things from one another. Folks are good at wearing masks, pretending to be fine, covering up how they feel and keeping their thoughts to themselves. Not that they don’t want any help, but for all sorts of reasons, can’t, or won’t, ask. Yet, we can be ‘bearers of hope’ when we are in tune to someone else, notice them, and take the risk to reach out.

Are we our brother’s and sister’s keepers? Tough question!? However, if we were not meant to watch out for one another, as best we can, then why did God put us in community?


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