Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day #1

January 1, 2014 - The Daily Intersection

Some things come easier than others. Maybe I should say there seems to be more time for some things than for other things. 

For me, there often seems to be more time to watch a TV show than to read a book. I have even found myself envying those who do not own a TV set. How much more time they must have! It’s not that I spend HUGE amounts of time in front of the TV, but more than I would like. Imagine not having that noise distraction; of not being “hooked” on certain programs that do nothing but put my mind in neutral. After all, books and conversations require more energy, sometimes, than simply watching TV.

Writing is another thing there is often too little time for doing. Especially handwritten notes. They come like pulling teeth for me. Do you miss handwritten letters? I do and makes me thankful I still have some in my grandma’s handwriting.
However, I seem to think better through using my keyboard. Sermons are ‘written’ by typing. Letters or other documents are composed on the computer. Yet, even with the convenience of a keyboard, writing is often put off. There always seem to be other things to be done.
All that is said in introduction to this new blog. It is one of those things I have planned to do for a while now. My vision is to have a daily (hopefully) musing of life, faith, and the intersection (hence the name) of the two. The thoughts and experiences of a child of God: moments of clarity, doubt, trust, rejoicing, sorrow, mistakes, second chances, missed opportunities, and you name it. A place to share what has happened that I’m thankful to God for, and what moments have been opportunities for learning and growth.
So this is the beginning. Here are my goals (only two). One is for our Godson to have this as a way to get to know me and how I see life and faith intersecting, hopeful that one day it will somehow help him in his own walk with God. The second is to be a reminder to me, and anyone who happens to stop by, that God is ALWAYS blessing us (present), is ALWAYS loving us, is ALWAYS forgiving and giving to us. That God, simply, is grace.

It may be a tall order for me, taking the time to do this. Do I think it will it be worth it? Without doubt. So join me at ‘The Daily Intersection,’ will you? Oh, and if you have moments to share from your life, please do so. I am eager to hear them.


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