Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day #141

May 21, 2014

I cannot say how bad I felt when I realized something today. It was an awful feeling of having missed a most important day. Today I remembered that I had forgotten to contact our godson on his 3rd baptismal birthday.

It’s not that we didn’t remember before the day that it was coming. Or that being out of town is some kind of good excuse. Nope, there is no getting back a missed day as special as the day he was baptized.
What an honor and joy to be the one to baptize our godson. What an honor and joy to be his godparents (even though we did go and let the day slip by without recognition).

We are very sorry! We do love you! We pray for you everyday! And while we make mistakes and forget, may you always know and remember that your Heavenly Father never, ever, does. God knows you and loves you inside and out, upside and down, now and forever.

Happy Belated 3rd Baptism Birthday!!!


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