Monday, May 5, 2014

Day #116

April 26, 2014

Before I came to the congregation where I serve, a ministry began that I am thankful for - and a grateful recipient of, as well. It is simply called Shepherds. It is a group of folks who volunteer to “keep up” with one another. Meaning, they send cards for special occasions, pray for their sheep, and, if the sheep are “missing,” check in on them.

My husband and I have a wonderful shepherd. She sends cards to us for holidays and birthdays, and we hear from her on FaceBook and, of course, at worship. She’s terrific and keeps up with us faithfully, as with all her sheep. She is one, however, of about two dozen folks who do the same sorts of things. They are all wonderful - and a huge help!

This evening we honored those shepherds by having dinner for them. The Evangelism Committee spearheads this program, and they served a delicious ham and chicken dinner with all the trimmings, including dessert. It was a very enjoyable evening, topped off with a devotion and movie.

Thank you, one and all, for your important ministry of shepherding. It is much appreciated!


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