Monday, May 12, 2014

Day #127

May 7, 2014

It was another day of travel. Headed to Chicago for a meeting, I had two opportunities for good deeds today that, I must admit, helped send me off with a smile on my face.

The first was at the newsstand before takeoff. I stopped after getting through security for a drink and a snack (no chance for lunch). All I had was a $20, so I handed it to the cashier to cover my $4 purchase. She proceeded to hand me back $96 in change. She mistook my $20 for a $100 (don’t carry those around, for sure!), so as I looked at all she was giving me back, I said, "but I only gave you a $20." She looked very confused, opened her cash drawer and took out the bill I had just given her. Oh no, she said. I thought I saw a $100. Oh no! Thank you!! Thank you!!! If I had been that short, I would have gotten fired. You saved my job. Thank you! I just smiled and said, you’re welcome. Have a nice day. Can you imagine having on your conscious someone losing their job over the $80 you benefited from receiving?

Then, after I arrived in Chicago, I was on the long walk to the airport shuttle service. Another traveler was nearby walking with his head down and looking at his cellphone. In the middle of the walkway, for some reason, was a rather large and tall barricade. The closer we got to it, I realized he wasn’t looking up. He was walking at a good clip and not seeing this danger right in front of him. Just in the nick of time, I said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa” and when he stopped, he was literally only a couple of inches from falling over about a three-foot high barricade. Startled, he said, “Thank you, that would have hurt.” I smiled, and said, “You’re welcome.” Can you imagine watching someone get hurt when you could have simply spoken up and prevented it?!

Off to an interesting start. But, I must say, I’m feeling a little like a guardian angel today. :-)


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