Monday, May 5, 2014

Day #124

May 4, 2014

After another late night, early morning day, we were down to one last day of vacation and one more (sigh!) drive, but that’s another story.

Because, today’s Daily Intersection comes by way of an article for The Lutheran by Rev. Peter Marty. His monthly article for April, 2014, was on Science and Faith. He wrote - “science doesn’t create in us the urge to do the right thing.” No, but faith does. But not in a 'God will get you if you don’t do the right thing' way, but in a 'how do I respond in the right way' sort of thing (my explanation).

What is the right thing, though? I believe God will let us know. But here are a couple of questions to consider when trying to figure it out.

    1) Is the “thing” relationship building? After all, God is all about relationships.
    2) Is the “thing” honoring of God’s love and grace? God’s grace may be free and unconditional, but it’s not cheap.


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