Monday, May 12, 2014

Day #131

May 11, 2014

Mother’s Day. Some years it slides by, others it truly is over the top difficult. I suppose the stage was set for this year to be difficult when a well-meaning friend said, you don't have a mother or children. What do you do for Mother's Day?

Let me start by saying, I AM SO THANKFUL for mothers, especially mine. She was a one-of-a-kind woman, who often drove me a little crazy, but who taught me some wonderful values and ethics. She was generous to a fault, thrifty to an even greater fault, and showed more sacrifice for me than anyone should ever have to. And she was my absolute greatest fan. She never thought everything I did was excellent, and often challenged me to do better, but in the end she was always proud of me. I probably miss that most about her every day!

No, I don’t have her here with me physically (she died in 2007). And while that is hard on many days, it is especially so on Mother’s Day (Father’s Day can be just as challenging for many, I know!). So I try to be sensitive to how others may be feeling, too. Not to even mention those who have lost children, never had children, had a rough relationship with their mother, etc.

It’s a reminder that everything we say and do really does have a double-edge sword tendency. In meaning to honor the joy of mothers and their nurturing spirit, we can hurt others who are in pain. Just a reminder to be sensitive and remember the old saying about walking in someone else’s shoes.

And, a personal reminder that next year, I might just boycott the whole day from FaceBook. Just saying.


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