Monday, May 19, 2014

Day #138

May 18, 2014

The idea, from what I remember, came as sort of a whim. As the five of us pastors planned the end of the year, someone suggested, “How about, instead of some written “test” for the students, we ask them to “create” something that indicates what the year has meant.” So, the assignment became: use any creative medium of your choosing to somehow show what meant the most to you in your time of confirmation. It can be something you did, something you learned, something you experienced, etc. And it will be due and presented at the Campfirmation Cookout (which was today).

We began with a meal, which we ate inside in case the weather continued to be uncooperative. Then it was time for the “presentations.” We had everything from PowerPoint, to yarn art, to written prose, to the baking of communion bread along with verses for each ingredient. Then we ended with the celebration of Holy Communion using the bread the student baked. Pretty cool!

It was amazing to hear what reached these students; it was exciting to hear how they grew deeper in faith and assurance of God’s love; it was fun to see their creativity and thought; and it was a moment of pride in being allowed to be a part of their growth.

Thanks be to God for abiding with us and guiding these youth!! My heart is full.


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