Monday, February 24, 2014

Day #53

February 22, 2014

There was an early Saturday morning phone call. Those never seem to be good. Can you come and be present with someone who is about to lose one of their best friends - a very special animal friend.

How is it that we become more attached to some of our animals than we do other people? How is it that our animals can work their way into our hearts and fill them with such love and acceptance? How is that having to say goodbye can be so very hard?

It happened to me years ago with a Yellow Labrador named Zack. Not being a fan of big dogs, I was determined this one would definitely not work his way into my life, much less my heart. But he did. With his wagging tail, perpetual presence, and easy way, I came to love that dog so very much. Saying goodbye was horrible.

The memory of that awful day came flooding back as I watched the events of Saturday unfold and prayed with and for the owner and the animal. Truly God’s creatures are our companions and truly it is holy ground to have the honor of being with someone during one of their most difficult times.

My heart is heavy and yet thankful, for what would we do without the love of a good and faithful pet?


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