Friday, February 14, 2014

Day #43

February 12, 2014

What is it about snow that gets folks so excited? At least folks in the south?

Maybe excitement isn’t the right word. But then, maybe maniacal is too rough. But if you had to go to the grocery store before the snow storm, that might be the appropriate word. Crowds buying bread and milk off the shelves as fast as it was stocked. My aunt jokes, what are folks doing, eating milk sandwiches?!

Maybe we just like the thoughts of getting “snowed in” for a day or so. And we have to eat, right? And need a little snow cream, right?

But with all the getting ready, we still had to wait for it to come. Checking the weather every five minutes meant seeing the predicted start time pushed back over and over. Will it really come? Then those first flakes arrived.

I think our excitement has to do with seeing something different, something we cannot control. No matter how much milk and bread we buy, we cannot control if the snow will come. Or how much there will be.

It sure looks pretty outside with a blanket of white (at least for a little while). And it sure is still and quiet. It’s like the whole world pauses, takes a breath and hits restart. We all need a time like that!


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