Monday, February 24, 2014

Day #52

February 21, 2014

Some days the sermon just comes together so easily. It’s a holy moment anyway, having the Spirit give ideas, insights, and words that will be declared on Sunday morning. Hardly ever is what I think the sermon will be about, or how it will unfold, actually what ends up on paper.

Some weeks, however, the sermon is something I just truly like. I only wish my delivery was worthy of the words. Anyway, this week the sermon is about church and its relevance. Does God care about the church? Is God just letting the church self-destruct? What is our generation being called to do or be as the church? These are all questions that came to paper based on the reading from 1 Corinthians 3.10-23. The reading is spot-on, by the way, based on the experiences of the week I’ve been blogging about.

I can’t say honestly that I have always seen the relevance of the church. Many years of my early life meant I had nothing to do with church, religion, or even God for that matter. But once I became a part of a community of believers, my world changed, along with my perspective. It isn’t always easy being a part of a community, but it is definitely worthwhile. To worship and hear those words in Holy Communion that Jesus’ body and blood were given and shed FOR ME. Well, there is absolutely nothing like receiving the assurance that God loves ME that much!!


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