Monday, February 24, 2014

Day #47

February 16, 2014

Sometimes the wheels of change move slowly. Relationships take time to foster and grow, but when they blossom, the work can be worth it and the joy abound. Today was a celebration of just such an experience.

The ties that I have with the event run in strange and wonderful ways, but suffice it to say it isn’t about me. I was just fortunate to be invited.

This is the story: several years ago a Lutheran pastor and a Moravian pastor got to know one another. As the friendship and collegiality grew, so did the possibilities for their respective congregations. Eventually the Lutherans rented space from the Moravians and joint ministry events began to happen.

Today, however, was a bigger celebration. The Lutheran has been called as pastor to both congregations - the Moravian and the Lutheran. Not that the two congregations are merging, but the bonds of ecumenism and shared ministry continue to deepen.

The possibility of something like this even happening goes back over a decade when other Lutherans and Moravians began having conversations about what joint ministry might look like and how to foster its development. It is a step in the direction toward the church being made new and whole.

Paul wrote to the Corinthians that we have the mind of Christ. What does that look like? I think it looks a lot like this celebration: seeking ways to foster relationship growth where there are common goals of loving and serving God. It’s exciting stuff and I was blessed to be a participant in the event.


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