Monday, February 24, 2014

Day #49

February 18, 2014

[This was actually written several days past the 18th. That is important because there have been several instances of road rage reported since this happened, which makes it all the more a moment of grace and intersection.]

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been driving a lot in the past few days. Today a true moment of grace happened. I saw the face of Jesus on the man behind me at a stoplight.

Let me explain. I was stopped at a light coming off the interstate. I am used to having to wait quite a while for lights to change, and there were several cars in front of me, so I was fiddling with something in my car. When I looked up, I realized the light was green and all the other cars had gone. I took off as quickly as I could, but the light caught me again. I fully expected that when I looked in my rear view mirror, I would see an angry driver behind me. But I was surprised to see a most patient look on the gentleman’s face, as if having to wait again didn’t bother him at all.

It was a true moment of grace. How many times have I blown the horn at someone for doing what I had just done. Or thrown up my hands or given them the ugly look I was expecting. After all, patience on the road is not a gift of mine. But I was certainly thankful for his and wish I could tell him so.


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