Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day #814

March 24, 2016

[Warning - there is a LOT due to a very busy, yet good, day!!]

Maundy Thursday. On this day, Jesus commands his disciples to love another. In this way, Jesus commands his followers to turn toward one another, instead of against one another, indicating relationship is more important that most anything. Whew!

And then to drive this thought home, this came from Nick Foster in the d365 devotion:
Every conflict we observe or experience is about power. That’s because every one of us wants to have control. Control of our time, our decisions, our actions.
Often that need for control extends to controlling others as well or resisting someone who seems to want to control us. It’s all about authority – who has it; and fear – who is driven by it.
So it is fascinating to watch what Jesus does just after we are told he knows that God has given him “complete power.” Jesus takes on the role of the lowliest servant, a person with the least amount of power.
It’s no wonder Peter refuses to let Jesus wash his feet. Peter is embarrassed for his Teacher. But Jesus insists that this is the very definition of what it means to belong to Jesus, to follow him.
This is the exercise of power like no other, the kind of power that will change the world.
Then this that reminded me of yesterday’s post (Day #813  )

First Holy Communion celebrated by two of our young folks at the Maundy Thursday worship service. Here is a photo of them baking bread on Sunday that was used in this service. Very excited for them!
Then another reminder of how I might “love one another”
And last (I warned you it was a busy day) but not least - deep thankfulness for the staff of the congregation where I serve. I am very fortunate and very thankful!! And also deep thankfulness for the volunteers who do so much to help!! Very thankful indeed!!


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