Friday, March 11, 2016

Day #797

March 7, 2016

It may seem that I have become stuck on the daily devotion, d365. Maybe so, but there has been so much lately that really speaks to me. Just one more (this week) from Jeremy Wilhelmi:
No matter what happens, God doesn’t stay in our past. God is always right ahead of us doing something new. God doesn’t hold grudges. God doesn’t give us the cold shoulder even when we’re to blame for a painful past. A good past or bad, you and I are called not to let the past dictate our relationship with God going forward, because God doesn’t hold on to what was – God reaches out to what is!
Now there is a promise from God that I want to always remember - that God reaches out to what is (and I’ll add, what will be!).

Why do the things of our past seem to loom so largely in our present and cause angst for our future? Probably because we do not have the capacity to forget, as God does. Nor do other people forget. What a shame when others feel a need to keep reminding us of our past transgressions, failures, inadequacies, etc!! Yes, what a shame!!


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