Friday, March 11, 2016

Day #801

March 11, 2016

Happy Anniversary to the man who chose me (and I chose) to live life with. Yes, 27 years ago today we were married and began a journey I am grateful we walk together. Oh, life hasn’t always been a bed of roses (whose is?!), but it’s been awesome because we’re in it together.

Two years ago on our 25th, we had no idea we would soon wind up living across the country from where we were. Last year we were getting ready to move into a new house in that new place. Today, fortunately, has been a little less "exciting" as we have been enjoying some time together and taking care of some odds-and-ends. Much like everyday, we never know what tomorrow will bring - but I’m thankful I feel secure in knowing who is, and will be, physically by my side.

Thank you, sweetheart, for loving me, making me laugh, comforting me when I’ve cried, hugged me when I needed it, listened (a LOT), and just been you. Happy Anniversary!! And looking forward to many, many more!!


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