Friday, March 11, 2016

Day #796

March 6, 2016

Had to share these words from Bronwyn Clark Skov in d365 regarding Psalm 32:
Learning to ride a two wheeler is a rite of passage in our culture. We usually start with a tricycle and graduate to training wheels, which are awkward and precarious. Now new methods are in place to learn to glide and then ride without the inconvenience of three or more wheels. The teaching and tools are changing, but the goal remains the same. We are striving for that two-wheeled freedom of movement and speed. Once we have accomplished the task, even when we don’t ride for years, we can still ride when we encounter a bicycle. We may be a bit wobbly at first, but our muscles remember the motion and we can move forward with some measure of grace. Faith is like that. We have to practice prayer and love in our formative years so that when we find ourselves lost, we can return to those pedals of faith and grace in the sure knowledge of God’s love for us.
Seems to me that practicing faith is a good practice for any age, but especially those in their young, formative years. What will stick with the young ones I have the pleasure of speaking with every Sunday? More importantly, what will they remember as they learn from all the adults in their lives?

Hopefully, that Jesus loves them, wants us to love one another, and gives all manner of second chances! That would certainly be a good start, and a good place to come back to, don’t you think?


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