Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day #811

March 21, 2016

Another “Simon Says” his mom shared on FaceBook:
Last night's dinner discussion:
Simon: Mom, aren't you going to ask what we learned in Sunday school today?
Me: What did you learn in Sunday School?
Simon: We learned that Jesus rode on a donkey to be killed on a cross.
Me: Why was he killed on the cross?
Simon: Well, there were some grumpy people who didn't like him. He was killed on a middle cross with two other people on either side of him. Mommy, what were the other two guy’s names?
Me: We don't know what their names were. Why were they being killed?
Simon: You have to know their names.
Me: It isn't recorded anywhere what their names were sweetie. We just know they were called "thieves or bandits."
Simon: Jesus knows everything and he knows everyone's name. How can you not know them? You are like Jesus' best friend.
Me: Well, I don't know everything, but I am sure that Jesus knew their names.
Simon: Of course he knew their names, how else could they go to heaven? We should know their names, too. That's just ridiculous that we don't.
Ahh...dear Godson, may you always be assured Jesus does know your name and loves you deeply!! As do your Godparents! And may you always care so deeply that we also know other people's names - and love them.


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