Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day #506

May 21, 2015

It’s the week before Pentecost Sunday - the celebration of the “birth”day of the church. Scenes that speak of unity, chaos, fire, wind, coming alongside and prompting are filling my head and my heart.

In Bible study, we spoke about a challenge for our denomination is that we don’t worship “in the spirit” with loud noise and impromptu speaking. Certainly that is the case. Worship is typically more structured, even sometimes somber. Yet the Spirit is definitely there. It is evident to me when a hymn or anthem speaks the words more clearly than the sermon ever can; when the words “Given and shed for you” bring comfort and assurance of forgiveness; when the sharing of the peace brings people together to speak and hug and shake hands; when the children come forward and pray; when folks are present, because the Spirit is there in, through, and around them.

Someone later mentioned the Spirit being in me. I am thankful, for I believe the Spirit does live within me, but it also lives within us all. It is not because there is anything I do, or any of us do for that matter, to make it happen, that is God at work. So what I would hope most, if and when that Spirit indwelling is evident, is that it is God’s grace, forgiveness, and love of me and the world that clearly shines through.

Yes, the Spirit has brought me through some amazing transformations, and I feel certain there will be more. It is a gift and I look forward to Sunday and celebrating its coming, just as I celebrate and give thanks daily for its presence.


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