Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day #500

May 15, 2015
500!!! My goodness, I cannot believe this is the 500th entry!!! I never dreamed when I began doing this in January, 2014, that I would actually stick with it and write about something every day that connected God’s grace and love with life.

In the first entry, I talked about time and how there doesn’t seem to be enough of it for me to be able to read and write notes, but plenty in which to watch television. Over the almost year and a half, I have noticed the television watching time has lessened (I have not seen shows that were once “favorites” I couldn’t miss, and the world has not ended!) and I have read more books (even joined a Book Club!). This daily musing of life, faith, and their intersection has helped open my eyes to see God’s work and presence in moments of doubt, trust, rejoicing, sorrow, mistakes, second chances, missed opportunities, and dozens others.

In beginning this blog, I had two goals. One was for our Godson. The second goal was for it to be a reminder that God is ALWAYS present with us, ALWAYS loving us, and ALWAYS forgiving and giving to us. The Daily Intersection has surely reminded me of that many times.

So here’s to #500!! Thank you, Daily Intersection, for helping me reflect on how God has been leading me and has been with me. And here’s to helping me trust God will be there in the next 500+ with something new around every corner. What a joy to be a part of God’s kingdom!


**When I Googled to find an image of 500, there were many about cars. Guess the Daytona 500 was on Google's mind. But I loved this one of a euro puzzle. What an image - 500 entries for putting the puzzle of life, God and us, together!

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