Monday, May 18, 2015

Day #502

May 17, 2015

I am a tad behind in reading the Guidepost magazine, so I found this in an article in the March issue. Carrie Ann Inaba (who judges on Dancing with the Stars, I understand), writes about her daily prayer: “God, thank you for all that is, was and will be.” She goes on to write: “how do you imagine an unimaginable future? My prayer tells me that no matter what, my Heavenly Father is waiting to guide me, to love me, as much there as he is in the here and now. He fills those places in us that loss hollows out, shining a light on the path ahead.”

After reading that in the morning, opportunity came to share her words with two different people that day. I hope they were a comfort to them, for they certainly were to me. To trust that God already has worked out the future, no matter what it holds, and is in the here and now, too, is grace beyond my deepest desire or need.

Therefore, I do thank God for all that is. There are many joy-filled pieces to my life – God’s claiming of me and calling me to be a pastor; my wonderful spouse; good friends – the best friends!; family; health; material goods; the list could go on and on. I thank God also, for what was – or perhaps what has been. This would certainly include the struggles that have honed my trust – health scares; times of very deep mourning; times without material goods or of knowing where enough would come from; anger; doubt; fear; times when I look back reflect vividly God’s care. And I thank God for what will be. No, I have no clue what that is. But I thank God that God knows what the ultimate future holds – and promises for it to be amazing.

Thank you Carrie Ann Inaba for your prayer and your words. Good reminders that I hope are comforting for folks who are struggling right now. Remember, God has you! Also remember, I’m praying for you!


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