Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day #504

May 19, 2015

It may have been a phone call anyone would have answered similarly, but I am thankful for someone sharing a recent event that I believe was the action of the Holy Spirit working in and through someone to be God’s hands and feet in a literal, life-affirming way. That may sound very cryptic, and the details will be left that way, but suffice it to say I was witnessed to, and someone else was ministered to, in a way only the Holy Spirit could have directed.

With the upcoming celebration of the Day of Pentecost this Sunday, and through doing some early reading, I was reminded that sometimes the Holy Spirit acts to kick our can into action. How many times do I squelch the work of the Spirit out of fear, distraction, distrust, or plain "slothiness"?! Thank you for the reminder, and the conviction!


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  1. I love this witness; thank you! Yep, I'm guilty of squelching too... likewise, I am considering my own can kicked.