Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day #496

May 11, 2015

Recently I was asked what “thing” I miss most since our move across country. I must admit it’s some of the foods we cannot find here. Little things like my favorite mayonnaise, the bbq sauce for pork and chicken I’ve eaten since I was a kid, Cheerwine sherbet (see Day #111), and hot dogs. Specifically Yum Yum Hot Dogs. (Please don’t misunderstand, I miss people the most, but I was asked about “things” I miss.)

So, when we opened the front door and found a surprise package, I was intrigued. I had almost forgotten the conversation, until the box was opened and we found two bottles of bbq sauce..

and a huge jar of mayonnaise.

Yippee!!!! Just in time for tomato sandwiches and grilling pork chops!

Thanks to friends and loved ones who take the time to call, pray, send notes or emails, and “stuff!” Now if we could just get Yum Yum to deliver ice cream and hot dogs!


PS The Carolina Treet supplements well the Boar and Castle Sauce we received last fall. Just saying!

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