Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day #499

May 14, 2015

On Day #490, I mentioned a book I have been reading for the Stewardship Committee, Ask, Thank, Tell. In the section about "thank," I was reminded how important it is to say thank you. Not only to those who give of their time, talent, and/or treasure at/in the church, but in daily life. Thank you is such an easy thing to say, and mean, but it often gets left out of the equation.

The author also wrote about the importance of not just saying thanks, but writing it, too. As I have admitted before, I am terribly slack at writing thank you notes, but think I’m at least fairly good at saying thanks - and meaning it!

So when the author suggested identifying someone who has the gift (not the exact words) to “say thanks” and then turn them loose to do their thing, it made me think. I suppose I never thought about it being a “gift “ to say thanks. I just thought it was good manners, important and appreciated by the recipient.

Yet maybe the “gift” is not just saying it or thinking it, but being diligent in sending the notes, too. Something to think about.


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