Monday, October 20, 2014

Day #289

October 16, 2014

Warning - today’s Daily Intersection begins with a cynical tone.

Have you ever felt that trying to do the right thing just ends up taking way too much time and doesn’t do any good anyway?! I felt that way today. Let me explain: I received two emails today that are not mine. Evidently the intended recipient's email address is similar to mine since they have the same last name, but it’s a different first name. The email was important, however, because it was about their 2013 state and local taxes. They have been received and approved. Seems to me that would be an important thing to know, right?! Which is why I took the time to try to correct the error by tracking down the CPA firm that supposedly did this person’s taxes (they are across the country from me, too - go figure?!). I sent an email to the office manager saying that I had received notification about this person by accident. An out-of-office reply came back that they would be gone until the 29th. Okay, I thought, I’ll send one to the manager of the firm. Same thing - an out-of-office reply that they were gone until the 21st. So, after having spent probably thirty minutes of my time on a wild goose chase, I gave up. At least for the time being.

What made me bother to attempt tracking down this error in the first place? Why did I feel somehow responsible for the emails I received? Would this other person have made as much effort to try to correct the mistake if they had received something about me? Do any of these questions matter? Not really. After all, Luke 6:31 reminds me: Treat others in the same way that you would want them to treat you. (NET)

Okay, I’ll give another try in contacting the CPA firm. Maybe this time it will work.


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