Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day #278

October 5, 2014

I am tempted to just say one word about today - overwhelmed!! Weary as I am, my heart, mind and soul are filled to the brim. The folks are sending me off in style with gifts, cards, prayers, and the lingering of hugs and tears. I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate everything!!

Perhaps the hardest question to answer has been why. Why are you leaving? Why are you going so far away? Will you ever come back? One particular card summed up why I believe God is calling me away. It reads (and I’m summarizing): we could not understand why. We prayed and cried over it and finally came to a place of peace about it. We began to realize that without change the church, and you, cannot grow.

Amen!! Change is the icing on the cake of a time of discernment. It is hard, listening for God’s voice, God’s leading, and God’s ideas of what should be happening in God’s church.

And change is hard. Yet, it is vital. As the sermon ended today, we “just never know what God has in store.” Thanks be to our amazing God.


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