Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day #274

October 1, 2014

Six years ago today was my first day going into the office at my current call. Those six years have flown by and during them relationships have been created that will remain bound through the love of Christ forever.

Another anniversary was just a couple days ago. It was the anniversary of my ordination. On September 28th in 2008, at the congregation where we worshiped in our hometown, I became ordained as a minister of Word and Sacrament, culminating a dream years in the making.

It was a glorious moment in time and quite an intersection of folks from all aspects of my life and walk of faith. The first picture is with my fantastically supportive and loving husband, the second with sisters in ministry from past (the congregation’s first intern from twenty-fives years or so ago on the right, who is still a good friend) and present (my “adopted daughter” and awesome friend from seminary on the left), and the last with the bishop of our synod (right) and current pastor of the congregation (left).


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