Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day #275

October 2, 2014

I feel the need to make an apology. Many moments of intersection over these last weeks have been about my saying goodbye. It may be getting tedious, and I am sorry. Yet, it has permeated my days and this one was no different.

When I first arrived at my current call, I was invited to attend a monthly meeting of Lutheran pastors in the area. Most first Thursdays, these pastors meet to have lunch, share concerns, joys and ideas, sometimes have a program or speaker, but mostly to just enjoy camaraderie and friendship. Over the course of six years, these colleagues have become good friends and an amazing network of support. Many of us have done varied things together: taken mission trips, taught confirmation, worshiped, struggled, prayed, laughed, listened and talked.

Today was my last meeting with these folks. They sent me off in style with a delicious lunch, prayer of godspeed, and a gift - none of which surprised me. This is just the way they are.

I will certainly miss these colleagues. Yet, I believe many of our paths will surely cross again. After all, it’s a very small Lutheran world.


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