Monday, October 13, 2014

Day #281

October 8, 2014

One of the fall traditions my husband and I have enjoyed for several years is going to the annual fair in the nearby town. His mother helped judge the flower arranging entries for many years and was able to get us free tickets that started the tradition.

This year we managed to attend on the “canned food drive” night. Admission was free for five cans of donated food for the nearby pantry. What a great idea! And a great reason to stop by the grocery on the way. Judging from the shelves that were nearly empty of the brand requested, MANY others thought the same thing.

So we managed to eat all the fair food (well, not even close to ALL the fair food, but a good amount), saw the exhibits we always enjoy (except cattle judging which was earlier in the week), and enjoyed a night away from packing, sorting and decision-making. It was FUN! And a little bit of fun is important (actually it's VITAL)!


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