Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day #277

October 4, 2014

Today I wrote my final sermons for the current call. The one for Sunday morning I have been writing in my head for the last couple of weeks. Somewhere between a celebration and a reminder of a couple of storms we’ve weathered, it also includes my hopes for a new pastor. Here is the synopsis:
  • I hope the new pastor would find the congregation trusts their suggestions and decisions as being what is best for the church. And that what is best for the church would drive their decision-making.
  • I hope they would value and appreciate the community. Love is what brings the folks together in worship and service. It’s felt by those who are new to the fold and those who have been around a while.
  • I hope the congregation would quickly recognize the gifts a new pastor brings (knowing they will bring gifts) and graciously receive them.
  • But above all, above anything and everything else, I hope they would deeply love God; for in loving God they will love the church.
Maybe I am being presumptuous to even consider mentioning these things. Yet, in them are some ways I hope the congregation will also be with their next pastor. I believe they are ready for the challenge and the adventure, and will continue trusting God to lead and guide them all the way.


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