Friday, September 26, 2014

Day #268

September 25, 2014

Another holy moment “coincidence” for this week. Today was my turn to lead devotions at the local Lutheran Retirement Home. I misunderstood an email and thought the hymns had been selected, so I did not get in touch with the activities director to let her know my choice. When I arrived, she had "arbitrarily" picked two great hymns that fit perfectly what I was planning to talk about. But the third fit “just because.” The hymn we finished with was, God Be With You Till We Meet Again (

Many of these folks have been coming to devotions for the entire time I have been leading them (twice a year). I know their faces if not their names and stories. I watch them sing and nod and sometimes sleep. :-)

Certainly I will miss them, but I know God will be with them until we meet again - I am so thankful!!


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  1. I have a wonderful faith model in my life who says there's no such thing as a coincidence; instead, she refers to an occurrence such as this as a "God wink"; that always makes me smile. This is a beautiful example of God doing just that!