Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day #253

September 10, 2014

It’s a double Wednesday. Two things today brought into focus the “intersection.” The first has to do with hiring folks to do odd jobs around the house. It is something I do not like to do. Not because I think I can do it all myself (although I like to try - haha), but because you just never know how it will turn out. Will the person do the work you expect? Will they be fair in price? Will they be dependable in showing up and finishing on time? You know, all those things that are hard to determine by just picking someone out of a list online.

But that is what I did yesterday. And I am soooo pleased. Avex Building Maintenance Solutions came today (yep, a one-day turn around from estimate to doing the job!) and completed a task inside I just did not think I could manage, and will be back tomorrow to finish one outside. They get my 100% approval rating. It’s like I made a new friend, too, besides finding a very dependable, conscientious, hardworking business owner.

The second - and perhaps the most important - today would have been my in-laws 71st wedding anniversary. I am so thankful they met and fell in love; grateful they had that son of theirs; appreciate the way they raised him to be the man he is; and was very fortunate to become one of their family, for they were very good to me.

So Happy Anniversary! You are remembered with love!


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  1. What a treasured photo; what a lovely remembrance... you do them proud.