Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day #266

September 23, 2014

Prayer can be holy ground. Being invited to pray for folks in their hour of gloom, fear, frustration, pain, sickness….you name it….is humbling and honoring. It’s worth every effort, I believe, to maintain confidentiality and even risk ridicule for not being willing to share information freely, just to have folks trust me with their heartfelt and heart-close suffering.

Over these years I have made an observation. It may not ring true in every case, but it seems to often: the folks who are most frustrated with my lack of telling information that is not really mine to share are the same ones who, when they want information kept confidential, are quick to trust me with it.

What prompts this need to tell all we know about others? Where do we get the notion that a person’s story is free-game for all to share? And what is really behind our deep-seeded need to tell all about another person's life?


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  1. I would imagine it could be our own insecurities that drive our "need to share"; perhaps we feel that by sharing someone else's personal drama we can bolster our own importance or even gauge how well we feel our own lives stack up by comparison... in either instance that is sinful and selfish. Thank you for this gentle reminder that we need to be confident enough to hold closely to those confidences entrusted to us; with God's help we can do just that!