Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day #251

September 8, 2014

Someone told me today I should begin to make a list of the things that people say to me in this process. That way I can take them out when I want to and hold them like I would a cherished photo. I’m not sure about this. Some are too precious to put in writing, but will remain forever in my memory.

So I suppose the word for today is cherish. The people (I surely do), the memories (so thankful for them), the tears (God’s way of spilling out the heart), the laughter (nothing like a hearty laugh to bond folks together), the worship (celebrating in and with the family of God - receiving Jesus), the work (made easier by sharing), and so much more. Each cherished fully!


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  1. You have a special way with words; thank you for sharing them with us... we cherish YOU!