Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day #265

September 22, 2014

It is not something I am proud of, but it sometimes happens. Most days I’m fairly even tempered, with maybe a slight lean to the absolutely content and satisfied. But sometimes that temperament is challenged, and when it is, my dear husband usually gets caught in the fray.

Today was one of those days, and I was just “a fussin” when I talked to my patient, tolerant, loving husband. Now, I'm not proud of it, but I let him have it with both barrels. He listened quietly, letting me vent, which made me immediately sorry for being so hateful. And I apologized. What did my husband do? He accepted my apology.

What a gift - to be forgiven! I am so thankful - and very, very fortunate! What an example of loving kindness you are to me. Love you, sweetheart!


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