Friday, September 5, 2014

Day #246

September 3, 2014

The gospel we will be using for this coming Sunday is from Matthew 16 where Jesus tells the disciples that to be his follower they must take up their cross and follow him. There is much to ponder about those words and the whole passage of verses 21-28, but perhaps the part that weighs on my mind today is how ministry is not about me - it is about Jesus and Jesus' cross. Yet, it also is about me and how I respond to his call to take up his cross. And, also, that ministry can sometimes be a burden.

There was news to share today; news that meant change, sadness, even fear. I’ve carried the burden of this possible news for a while. The burden has been heavy. It can hurt to change; yet it can also be freeing. It can cause anger to change; yet it can also bring deep joy.

God has been leading and guiding in this journey I have been on. God led tonight while I was telling the news. And God will lead and guide all of us into the future.

Whatever the weight is of the next steps, the burden has been shared. One cross has been taken up and another has been laid down. God is leading, and carrying, the journey.


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