Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day #255

September 12, 2014

My husband and I went to a High School Football Game tonight. Maybe that is not unusual for a Friday night, except this was a special evening. The football coach my husband and many others had was being honored. Twenty-five years after his retirement, the field at my husband’s High School Alma Mater was being dedicated to Coach Henderson and the name of the field changed.

The picture shows “Coach” (light jacket to the left of the photo) on the field at half-time, along with many of his former players. Having not attended this particular school, I had not heard of “Coach,” except through stories my husband had long ago shared, many of which really never quite stuck. But tonight he, and others, shared memories that made me instantly like this man.

For example, it was pointed out that the young player on the current team with the number 1 on his back would never have been allowed to wear that jersey back in Coach’s day. There was no “number 1” on the team, all were equal. In Coach’s own words, “All are the same - there is no one more important than the others.” He also said to the students and team of today, “Try hard and never, ever, give up.”

Pretty awesome! Great advice! Congratulations Coach - glad you were able to see this honor bestowed upon you! Seems you deserve it!


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