Friday, September 26, 2014

Day #267

September 24, 2014

You know how sometimes the very thing you need to be reminded of comes across your desk/inbox/phone? That perfect reminder that you are not alone, that someone cares - especially God - and marks a holy moment!? Well, D365 (see Day #184) this week has been that very thing. The “pause” section for this week is:
Today is a busy day. It is full of things that must get done and people that must be seen. With the help of God, I can be peace in every encounter. With the help of God I can be a holy presence in every conversation.  With the help of God I can place the thumbprint of the divine on every assignment. With God’s help I will be the best version of myself today. 
Offer space in a busy day for the God who has already gone before you into it, and trust in the help that will come.
If that just doesn’t describe my life right now, I don’t know what does. And just what I need to be reminded of - that God is with me, God is guiding me, and God will take care of those I am meeting with to be in holy conversation.

God truly is amazing - just have to stop long enough to pay attention!!


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