Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day #259

September 16, 2014

Day two of Convocation and Rev. Peter Marty's talk was about developing a deeper, more abiding faith, or nurturing our inner holiness. To be a better preacher, he said, spend time feeding and working on our inner holiness.

He shared one question people ask consistently about preaching: is it true? Not true as in factual, but true as in the purpose of a plumb line or how the spokes of a bicycle wheel must be exactly equal in length to allow the wheel to turn without wobbling. True - as in does what the preacher say match with what the preacher lives? Wow!

Then he went on to say that people often ask, what should I do? How should I make a decision about something? Rev. Peter Marty quoted, “If you know who you are, you will know what to do.” The inner holiness is also a guide.

This is not really new stuff. This is not radical. This is not cutting edge. It is time-tested and God-honored, perhaps just packaged in a new way of understanding. Give God the time needed to honor the relationship and build the connection and God will not, ever, let us down or leave us alone. It just doesn’t happen overnight, or quickly, or in a couple of years. It happens over life, in life, and through life. And, it does not mean a life of ease or wealth or health, but a life of joy and peace. Amen!!!


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  1. A great message to ponder today... thank you for sharing. We are what we live; one day after another...