Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day #98

April 8, 2014

People share stories. They tell of ways that God has touched their life in sometimes small ways that mean a huge amount. Maybe it is a chance conversation. Or a “coincidence” that could only be God at work. Or an unexpected meeting. Yet, every time someone shares such a story, I am reminded of how God works in wonderful and mysterious ways.

Today’s story was about how, in a random conversation on Friday, it was mentioned that someone was hoping for something to happen. Then, in a meeting on Monday, it was suggested, randomly again, that maybe we could do just that particular thing.

To make the event more special, and tell-worthy, the person from the random Friday conversation just happened to be in the Monday meeting. As they told me about what had happened, they said something like, “Can you believe it was the very thing we had just talked about three days before? Don’t tell me God isn’t at work.”

Don’t tell me that either! I am so glad they shared that story. Let’s just hope the plan comes together!


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