Friday, April 18, 2014

Day #106

April 16, 2014

It wasn’t long after I arrived that one of the members of the church became a shut-in. She fell, broke a bone and was never quite able to live by herself afterward. But from the time I met her, she has said she is ready to “go home,” she’s ready to meet Jesus, and often asks why she is still here, not in a hateful way, but in a “I’m surprised I lived this long” kind of way. I suppose if I was in her shoes I might feel the same.

I visited this sweet woman today. Again she said, I’m ready to meet Jesus. Then she looked at me with a twinkle, but a hint of seriousness, and said, “why don’t you just shoot me and get it over with?” Well, I told her, I really don’t want to do that. I really can’t do that. But, I tell you what, how about I shoot you with a hug, and I leaned in and gave her one.

It made her smile. Thankfully. Then we celebrated Holy Communion. She loves for me to bring her communion, for she has strong faith and she’s just ready to be with her Lord. You know, I can’t really blame her. Often my prayer is, Lord, have mercy and be merciful to her! Even though I certainly would/will miss her!


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